Adventure Journey

This Adventure Journey is a life-changing event whereby participants will be challenged to complete the program. We create once in a lifetime moments. How to create a winners mindset? This is about educated risk-taking, managing fear, becoming resilient and creating a new dynamic. It's about agility, leadership and commitment and bringing more wellbeing to your routine. We will work together on development and empowerment.

Dream big, start small. Use your mistakes as steppingstones towards your goals. Trust the process. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Embrace change and rise by lifting others.

Groups will divide organically by physical level. The way to the top will be different for the participants and everybody will achieve the summit.

During our trips we are going back to basic:

  • Enjoy the digital detox and put our online life on hold
  • Learn to know the real value of less is more by carrying our own backpack from hut to hut
  • Discover 4 seasons in 1 day by being exposed to the most different weather conditions
  • The dormitory with bunkbeds in the huts or cabins wil create ever lasting memories

We give you for the ultimate preparation! Participants are prepared and will work towards an ultimate mental and physical goal under the professional supervision of our Energy Lab coaches with: workshops on mental resilience, training, sleep and nutrition, analysis of the body composition, fitness test walking, cycling or running, medical screening. 

We offer a broad range of full packages, including travel and lodging worldwide, combining business and (sports) activities or for individual groups.  Active travel in a one-stop-shop, we can arrange everything from booking to hosting. Go for the unique experience!

  • Step out of your comfort zone 
  • During your experience, the participants will have to push their limits in order to realize tasks they didn’t think were possible
  • In combination with our coaching we use the unique expertise from Energy Lab for the physical preparation

We are specialised in these destinations: Belgium - Ardennes - Cap Ferret - Zeeland - Mont-Blanc Massif - Dolomites - Lofoten & Faroe Islands – Spitsbergen – Iceland - Sicily - Corsica – Portugal - Lanzarote

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Adventure Journey

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