Campfire Journey

Campfire Journey - Back to nature experience

Burn old habits and thoughts to get new insights at our camp-talks. Don't worry about getting wet and dirty, as this is part of the deal when you're on the Campfire Journey: walking, cycling, hiking, swimming, mountain biking or canoeing and you'll learn some mental resilience techniques. You’ll embark on our bootcamp style journey guided by the best team and we’ll cook our own meals on a real  log campfire. That also means building your own shelter and sleeping in the forest in tents or in huts.

For any type of participant, we will guide you and make you ready to change your life with positive energy Discover our new and meaningful experience in natural, outdoor settings for individuals, leaders and teams.

Campfire journeys are organised in an outdoor environment from the starting point for reflecting on courage and resilience in your team, your family, your life. The importance of authenticity, challenging goals, empathy, feedback, solidarity and trust in yourself and each other is addressed one topic at a time. We combine the whole experience with workshops around body and mind.

  • Form genuine and organic storytelling
  • Create a great source of inspiration 
  • Lift morale and group cohesion

The program is made to measure, from a day session to several days with overnight to get more positive energy, less stress, more inspiration and creativity in an outdoor atmosphere. From the Ardennes to the Belgian coast, Dolomites, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Mont-Blanc area and many more locations are available.

Contact us for your Campfire Journey -  Event or Teambuilding

Campfire Journey

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