Detox Journey

The New York Times already called it 'the new yoga' - shinrin yoku or forest baths are in the spotlight. Are you also curious and would you like to try it out?  In this journey you will take a lovely forest bath and experience how you can slow down your pace, activate your senses and, with the help of the forest, be more in the here-and-now.

We encourage participants to be less connected with the virtual world, but all the more connected with themselves and the people around them so as to find our tech/life balance? Our intensive use of smartphones has a negative impact on our stresslevel and makes us restless. And what about the basics of a healthy diet and how to apply them in a realistic way in your daily life? Discover our digital detox in combination with relaxation sessions, foodworkshops and enjoy life with a body full of energy!

Program in collaboration with Better Minds at Work & Energy Lab.

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Detox Journey

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