Walking Journey

Walking Journey - Creating the future with every step

When are you in the stretch zone? How clear to you is the goal of your life, your work?
How much trust do you have to feel to really let something go? Is there enough openness to discuss problems?

Welcome to an experiential journey of learning, connection and personal transformation. Let us be your coach and take a leap in your professional and private life. Are you ready to change your game and walk your walk? Discover a new and meaningful walking experience in natural, outdoor settings for individuals, leaders and teams.

Walking Journey - Creating the future with every step. Walking session

Walking sessions in an outdoor environment from the starting point for reflecting on courage and resilience in your team, your family, your life. The importance of authenticity, challenging goals, empathy, feedback, solidarity and trust in yourself and each other is addressed one topic at a time. Walking coaching sessions are made to measure, from a half day session to several days to get more positive energy, less stress, more inspiration and creativity in an outdoor atmosphere.


  • As we walk, we come up with new insights and ideas 
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Personal development

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Walking Journey

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