With our keynotes and workshops we want to connect you and your participants, offline or online and offer inspiring content. We offer a broad range of keynotes and workshops that cover specific topics within our wellbeing model. These are given in webinars and  life sessions by thought leaders and experts in the discussed topic.
We want to share their expertise with you to
inspire and make people think about their physical and lifestyle and mental mindset. 

Siviglia Berto

Sustainability Expert - Award winning change maker and storyteller.
Supporting and coaching organisations to build strong sustainability strategies aligned with their values and objectives. Re-think your business with inspirational team training and creativity.

Elke Geraerts

PhD in psychology, coach and entrepreneur of Better Minds at Work
Keynote speaker, workshops and virtual learning journeys - Authentic intelligence, Mental resilience and business coaching. Author of the bestsellers Mentaal Kapitaal, Better Minds.

Cedric Dumont

Adventurer, basejumper and sport psychologist
Keynote speaker - Beyond the limits of the (im)possible
Subjects: Mental coaching about stress, passion, fear and motivation, agility and resilience

Dixie Dansercoer

Adventurer and endurance athlete
Keynote speaker - Empowering outperformance
Subjects: Motivation, Teamwork and Leadership, Goalsetting and Performance, Crisis Communication

Martine Reyners

Soprano, Opera singer and coach
Keynote speaker and private workshops: Harmony through singing, reconnect, raise your energy level and feel physically healthier, transformation, be a voice not an echo

Evi Van Acker

Athlete, Olympic Medalist and Bio engineer Keynote speaker - The power of passion & The truth about food, Resilience, Endurance and Mental coaching

Aagje Vanwalleghem

Wellbeing Consultant, Olympic Athlete and coach
Keynote speaker - Resilient reset & How to get up after a difficult time.

Vincent Vermeulen

Entrepreneur and founder School for Butlers and Hospitality, Life Coach
Keynote speaker and private workshops: Excellence, Personal presentation, The power of language, What triggers you, Topservice and motivation

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