PassaPorte is your multi award-winning specialist in corporate events & incentives, with a focus on authenticity.
As an experienced specialist we create lifetime memories, connection and honesty. The richness of life comes from experiences, not things. 

What inspires us?
People and nature around us. For instance when we are at an event, others focus on talking while we focus on what we see and what we could do to create more balance. Keeping our eyes and ears open, and mentally file away information or any observations about what happens around us. Trying to re-create the concept or idea and imagining how people could experience it. We are passionate about nature, boutique atmosphere, sustainability and authenticity, and the most important ingredient is connecting people through meaningful experiences.

From touch points to life experiences.
The competitive edge in seeing the world through the customer’s eyes to maximize customer satisfaction, companies have long emphasized touch points. But doing so can divert attention from the more important issue: the customer’s end-to-end journey through a holistic approach.

PassaPorte has more than 18 years of expertise in organizing international meetings, events, congresses and incentives.  



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